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ISO 12759 : Fan Efficiency Classification Standard

The energy efficiency legislation (ISO 12759 : Fans – Efficiency Classification for Fans) establishes a classification of fan efficiency for all fan types driven by motors with an electrical input power range from 0.125kW to 500kW.

Why ISO 12759 has been introduced?

-          To reduce energy consumption,

-          And, help the world’s environment.

The last decade has seen not only an increase in price but also an increasing in energy consumption which results to increase levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  To maintain economic growth there is the need to promote energy efficiency.  All fan types are used for ventilation and air conditioning, process engineering, extraction of air and gases, combustion air supply etc. therefore, the energy usage of fans has been calculated at 20% of the world’s energy usage.  Hence, the energy efficiency legislation has been introduced to increase the eco-design of fans and further limit the impact on the environment.  

Woodcock & Wilson Limited are driving forwards to making the world a better place and saving our Environment.  

Before we go any further you will be happy to know that all Woodcock & Wilson fans are already ErP Compliant in accordance with the 2015 efficiency requirements, so that’s good! Please read on for full details…..

Fan Efficiency

The definition of a Fan

A rotary bladed machine which receives mechanical energy and utilizes it by means of one or more impellers fitted with blades to maintain continuous flow of air or gas.


Does the ISO 12759 standard apply to fans you use?

Not all fans are required to comply with the standard, these are as follows:

-          Fans for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

-          Fans for industrial processes

-          Fans for smoke and emergency smoke extraction

-          Fans for automotive application (trains & planes)

-          Box fans, powered roof ventilators and air curtains

-          Jet Fans for use in car park and tunnel ventilation

-          Fans running at 8000 rpm or above

-          Fans operating above 100 °C or below -40 °C

-          Fans with Supply voltage greater than 1000V AC or 1500V DC


Fan types that are covered in ISO12759

-          Clean Air fans

-          Ventilation Fans

-          Non Hazardous Area fans

-          Extraction Fans


The legislation is being introduced in two phases.

Phase One from the 1st January 2013.

The legislation sets out minimum efficiency grades for certain fan types within its scope being placed on the market. The efficiency target grade is calculated based on the electrical input power.

Any fans manufactured from 1st January 2013 must comply with ISO 12759. Any fans that do not meet this requirement must be removed or modified to comply.

It will be illegal to introduce/manufacture a fan onto the market from after 1st January 2013 that does not comply.

Phase Two from the 1st January 2015.

The efficiency grades will increase on all fan types by 4% - 8%. This means the fans will require being more efficient and having increased efficiency target grades to comply with.

These fans will be known to be ErP (Energy Related Products) Compliant.


How to Identify ErP Compliant Fans

From 1st January 2013 you will be able to identify fans, which are compliant with the ErP Directive by the CE symbol.  Additional technical efficiency data will be placed on the product nameplate.  The efficiency grade, calculated efficiency and efficiency target will be clearly visible on the fan nameplates and technical documentation.


How does this benefit you as a Customer?

All Woodcock & Wilson Limited fans will be Eco-Design and environmental friendly.  This could result in you saving up to 65% in energy costs, depending on the application of the system.  It will also result in having more efficient fans within your systems.  So you will now be doing your bit to protect the world we live in.


To ensure our fans comply with the energy efficiency legislation all of our fan designs have been checked and calculated individually based on our performance tests and the ErP 2015 requirements were met.  These results have also been independently verified by a third party just to make sure!   


For any technical support or further information regarding the legislation or our fan efficiency please contact us.

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