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Industrial Fan Refurbishment and Service

Industrial fans are very hardworking pieces of equipment and they are built to last. Based on their application and setting, these fans can function for over 40 years. But since they work ceaselessly, some problems tend to crop up in their life span. At times, the failure can be critical and can also result in a dangerous situation as the fans are large and have a number of rotating parts.

The one way to ensure longevity of this equipment is to ensure that it is serviced and maintained regularly. This will help the fan function at optimum levels and in a safe manner too. We at Woodcock & Wilson are of the leading companies in this space and cater to clients across the region.

A Specialised Job

With 30 years experience in the field, we know the importance of high grade onsite servicing & repairs. Our qualified, industry-trained and skilled engineers visit your site and handle these jobs with the highest levels of expertise. The industrial fans will be inspected thoroughly, serviced and repaired in the most expert manner.

Sometimes, during the course of the inspection, we find that some components of the fan aren’t performing in the manner they should and this also impacts the integrity of the entire installation and compromises the safety of your workforce. It is in situations such as these that we will suggest that Fan Refurbishment be carried out on the equipment.

About Fan Refurbishment

In instances where we find that some component of the fan has failed or if we have to follow a PPM routine, we provide full Fan Refurbishment services at our state-of-the-art factory in Huddersfield. We have a highly skilled and technically sound team of engineers on board, and they will do completele fan refurbishment for you, regardless of the make or type. In many ways this becomes a very cost-effective method for customers who do not wish to replace the industrial fans. A number of factory owners opt for this service when they are making plant modifications and they ask us to recycle old fans. In some cases, we may just restore the fans in the course of a routine overhaul and this prolongs their usual life.

Our Services

If you want to minimise downtime and retain the industrial fans at your own facility, we are also able to manufacture compatible replacement components at our factory. Our expert team of engineers will then come and fit these parts on- site. In addition to Fan Refurbishment we also provide a range of expert maintenance services such as:


  • Impeller balancing
  • Cleaning
  • Vibration analysis
  • Precision coupling alignment
  • Replacement of bearings, drives & motors

Replacement of parts that have been worn/damaged during use We also offer high grade emergency on-site repair services for the times when blowers or fans experience unexpected and sudden failure. We focus on safety and customisation in our Fan Refurbishment and related services. For more information, call Woodcock & Wilson on +44 (0) 1484 462 777. Contact us via this online form.

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