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Fan Maintenance & Service

In addition to what can be huge financial and manufacturing losses, fan failure in operation can often lead to consequences varying from inconvenient to disastrous. Recognising these facts, Woodcock & Wilson offer clients maintenance and service arrangements for all types of fan or blower, including those sourced from other manufacturers.

Our comprehensive range of support services, employing our own qualified engineers who understand the construction principles of fan manufacture and design, and possess crucial experience relating to fault-finding and problem solving, includes:

Onsite Servicing & Repair Service 

Depending on its application an industrial fan can have a life span of more than forty years, during which time numerous potential problems can occur which can result in sudden critical failure leading to a dangerous situation associated with the rotating parts.

Regular servicing will prolong the life and safe, efficient operation of a fan, whilst neglect will not only shorten operational life, but could lead to serious health and safety issues.

Aware of these issues, Woodcock & Wilson offer routine onsite servicing and repair by our qualified engineers, helping to detect and prevent faults, reducing the risk of breakdown, and saving time and money, as well as maintaining and extending the life expectancy of your equipment. Using our Contact Maintenance Service, engineers carry out a scheduled onsite visit, at the planned time, to service and inspect the fan and prevent any problems before they occur. This not only leads to decreases in unscheduled downtime, but also cost reductions in the long term due to unnecessary repair costs.

Types of maintenance include impeller balancing, vibration analysis, cleaning, precision coupling alignment and replacement of bearings, drives, motors or any other parts that have been worn or damaged during use.

Naturally, we also offer an emergency on-site repair service to combat those instances where blowers have experienced sudden, unexpected failure. Our skilled engineers will ensure that repairs are conducted quickly, safely and professionally enabling you to resume normal operations as rapidly as possible with minimal downtime and associated financial loss.


Installation Inspection & Start-Up Service 

For peace of mind, our experienced engineers can visit your site and inspect any fan installation, check fixings and flange connections, clearances, alignment and lubrication prior to initiating operation.

Once the fan is up and running, we can check vibration levels, bearing operating temperatures and various other parameters to ensure long-term, trouble free operation. In addition, our engineers can also instruct your personnel responsible for day-to-day operation of fans on basic maintenance procedures and warning signs that indicate the beginning of a possible problem.



In those instances where a fan is required to be taken out of service either through failure or as part of a PPM regime, Woodcock & Wilson provide a full fan refurbishment service at our factory in Huddersfield.

Any make or type of existing fan can be completely refurbished by our experienced team of engineers. This enables customers to act in the most cost-effective manner by recycling and reusing old fans when making plant modifications or simply restoring the fans during a routine overhaul, thus prolonging their usual life. If a customer needs to minimise downtime but retain the fans in-situ at their own facilities, we can also manufacture replacement parts at our factory and then have them fitted on-site by our service teams.


Performance Testing 

To provide customers with an accurate measure of performance, we also offer a dedicated fan and associated full system performance testing service. Flow rate, pressure and power characteristics are tested to BS848 to help customers calculate any potential system modifications precisely and ensure that optimum performance is achieved from any modified system. The service also includes troubleshooting if your system is considered not to be performing to specification. Our engineers can rapidly and accurately assess operating characteristics and quickly locate and diagnose any problem areas.


Extended Warranties 

All our fans come with a standard 12 month warranty, however these can be extended further and adapted to suit your individual needs. Please ask for more details. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

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