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Axial Fans

Available as direct driven or belt driven units, axial fans are ideally suited for generating large quantities of air at low pressures and with minimal noise; which is an often overlooked factor when choosing the correct fan for the job.

At Woodcock & Wilson, we can design, manufacture and supply two types of axial flow fans:

Direct Driven Axial Fans

Our direct driven fans offer similar advantages to the belt driven units, but are available in two configurations:

  • Long Cased Variant: The outer casing covers the complete impeller and motor 
  • Short Cased Variant: This is configured to permit a portion of the drive motor to project beyond the casing. Individual units can provide gas flow rates of up to 90M^3/sec


Staging of this type of axial flow fan in series operating with contra-rotating impellers can provide for flow rates of up to three times the pressure of a single stage fan of equal diameter and running speed.

As with their counterparts, direct driven axial units are offered with a choice of impeller pitch and materials of construction offering great flexibility for use in numerous environments. You can find out more by downloading our free brochure below.

Direct Driven Axial Fans PDF Brochure

Belt Driven Axial Fans

These units are generally specified when it is important to keep the motor away from the airstream generated due either to the temperature or nature of the gases being processed. An additional advantage is that by correctly specifying the positioning of the motor ease of maintenance is assured.

Capable of gas transfer rates of up to 80M^3/sec and with impeller sizes from 315mm -1400mm diameter, belt driven axial fans are supplied as standard with variable or fixed pitch GRP or aluminium blades installed in a die-cast aluminium hub. A wide choice of alternate GRP type blades are also available including PPG, PAG PAGAS and PAGST. Download our brochure below to find out more.

Belt Driven Axial Fans PDF Brochure

Why Choose Axial Fans Over Centrifugal Fans?

Whilst centrifugal fans can offer many benefits, there are additional advantages associated with axial fans, including:

  • Lower costs
  • Reduced space requirements
  • Shorter ducts, which in turn, lowers the overall cost of the system
  • Adjustable blades in the impeller, making it possible to adapt the fan to your plant’s requirements

Find Out More About Our Axial Flow Fans

If you have any questions about our axial fans, or would like to know if your company would benefit from one, then get in touch with us today by calling +44 (0) 1484 462 777.

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